A nice opportunity to invest

Get more out of your savings

Capital Fund is a very intresting convertable bond loan with monthly pay out coupons.

You can invest from 100.000 euro.

Benefit formulas

First 24 months gross coupon (*) at 4,8%, from the 25th month repayment of capital spread over the remaining 36 months and coupon degressive.

* gross coupon degressive untill everything is paid back.

A concrete example

Period 60 months with 100.000 euros investment

First 24 months:
400 euros gross coupon paid

Remaining 36 months:
2777.78 euros/month + gross coupon degressive

Payment date to be discussed - No later than 2 months after approval.
Issue price: 100%.
Contract on request.

Product type

The bond offered by Terra Mia BV, 8500 Kortrijk, Priester Schrursstraat 10, with company number 0745.396.993, is a non - regulated product.

No FSMA obligation, nor prospectus obligation. Our bond is a convertible subordinated bond loan.

Early repayment

Early repayment is possible with 6 months notice.

Cost: 0.5%. Purchase, sale fork max 1.5 %.


The funds are used for the purchase of exquisite building plots and real estate in prime locations.

Our commitment

We link the guarantee to create added value to the experience of the Terra Mia Team.

Abous us

Terra Mia Group has been created by Elvire Steemans and Erik Heemeryck. Both have a lifetime experience in the extraordinary world of construction. Their mission is to guarantee an optimal experience for the end user. With passion and experience they offer an extensive package of selected products related to construction. They are surrounded by competent collaborators, each expert in his field. With pleasure they will answer or advice you in any field.

Elvire Steemans

+32 475 24 73 07

Agent/advisor mainly for "Royal Mosa tiles" from the Netherlands
Advice for prestigious projects
A.Z. Sint-Jan Brugge
Ghelamco Stadion Gent
Hilton Brugge
A.Z. Sint Jan campus Serruys - Oostende
Erik Heemeryck

+32 499 52 52 53

Distributor/ Entrepreneur
Born in the founders nest www.alheembouw.be.
On his life path among the top 60 employees and 9 showrooms to Paris.
1000 m2 floortiles a day
Prestigious realizations such as hotel Vayamundo – Ostend 15.000m2, hospital in Tournai, 15.000 m2
Private villa 1400 m2 in St.Tropez, Golf de Beauvallon, villa in Jordan 2000 m2
In 2016 he decided to do it in a different way.